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NAME:  Fleur Sciortino

Fleur is a graduated graphic designer and her main responsibilities include the Art Direction and handling the marketing and business side of things.



NAME:  Becky Portelli

Becky is a qualified game designer and her main responsibilities include handling the programming and writing.



Studio Fondue is an indie game studio run by Fleur Sciortino and Rebecca Portelli, childhood friends bonded by a love of good design, illustration and game development


A range of specialised services based around game design and illustration. Our in-house artists, designs, programmers and writers work closely with our clients to deliver top quality illustration, graphic design, graphical assets, or full game development.

We are currently working on our first feature length video game, The Adventures of Scottieheist adventure game allowing for player choice with multiple endings.


We find our inspiration in Adventure RPGs and Point & Click adventure games, mainly titles from Bioware, Bethesda and Telltale Games. We love the idea of being able to put a personal spin on the player character through choices about how to progress. Our ultimate goal is to make games which allow you to significantly alter the course of the narrative through these decisions.

Our favourite part of these games is interacting with the host of wonderful(ly messed up) characters that populate them. Games are great at forcing you into a corner and making you make difficult decisions, and some of our most powerful gaming memories come from these agonizing moments; comparing our choices and sharing our reactions. We want to recreate that sense of being invested, and caring about how your actions affect the lives of these pixel people.


The Adventures of Scottie is the working title for our feature game. It’s set in the 1950’s and follows a set of less-than-savoury characters as they attempt to pull off international heists. We say ‘attempt’ because failure is always a possibility. Making the wrong choices and trusting the wrong people could (and will) lead to trouble, though remember; she needs to succeed to get paid.



The Elis Blitz, a sci-fi kinetic novel & Stadium Love a motion comic using parallax scrolling. 

Fast Food - An educational game commissioned as part of a study on attentional bias modification. 

Straterra - An educational game commissioned by MITA in collaboration with Oddingo.



Here you can try out the games we've made during various game jams and you can enjoy them in all their glitchy and typo-riddled glory. 

Vox Dei - A satirical newspaper simulator for the Global Game Jam 2015 in Malta. 

Ventris - A point-and-click adventure game utilizing AR technology. The game is set in an isolated Arctic research facility. 


We offer full or partial game development, design and illustration. They will always be delivered with the highest level of thoughtful implementation and attention to detail.
The design and development of physical and digital games are all done in-house by game design Master's graduates.

Casual games are becoming more popular than ever and games for advertising or educational purposes have proven in being highly effective means for increasing audience base or training and learning skills.

Our games have been well received by players and industry professionals, and all our game jam entries have ranked within the top three. Our illustrators are very versatile and the work they produce is unique and instantly recognisable.

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The Adventures of Scottie is an episodic choice-driven adventure game. The game takes place  in the early 1950's. Wallis “Scottie” Campbell leaves her parents’ London townhouse at a young age to go live with her Aunt in their ancestral mansion and escape the London Blitz. Unbeknownst to the rest of her family; Aunt Karen's profession as a veteran cat-burglar who is now training young Scottie to take over her business.