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ABOUT the game

You play as Wallis "Scottie" Campbell, a young female art thief tasked with heist and espionage missions, under the careful guidance of Karen, aunt and mentor.

The game series will focus on giving the player freedom of choice, in both dialogue and action, leading to different endings and unique dialogue trees. Different options will potentially lead to new sequences, areas and characters, dramatically increasing replay value. The game will also leave space for varying play-stiles. A careful approach to a heist may yield better results, whilst going in guns blazing may be more exciting, though much riskier. Choices may have unforseen outcomes in the longterm, and the game doesn't feature any reload-checkpoint-and-try-agains. Players are encouraged to deal with situations on the fly, with the consequences of their actions featuring in future episodes.

The Game is set in the 1950s and follows a cast of less-than-savoury characters as they attempt to pull off international heists. You play as a young female art thief, supported by your mentor, Aunt Karen, a veteran cat-burglar, and Fredi, your chauffeur/pilot/partner in crime. Throughout the game you will explore locations for people and situations that can be used to your advantage, build your reputation, develop relationships and learn more about your companions.


The game is slated for release in the first quarter of 2016.

Download the demo here

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